Culled District deer feed the hungry

CIA operatives returning to D.C. for their debriefings aren’t the only trained assassins in this city who stalk their targets in the dead of night. The National Park Service (NPS) hired expert sharpshooters to cull deer in Rock… Read More

National Park Service kills 20 deer, draws ire of vegan yuppie set

Yesterday, the National Park Service finished out its deer population management program in Rock Creek Park for the year, killing 20 wide-eyed, innocent deer. The meat from the 20 deer killed will be donated¬†to local food banks. (Waste… Read More

Sharpshooting key to new Rock Creek Park deer management plan

After months of planning, the National Park Service has released its final plan for managing the white-tailed deer population of Rock Creek Park. In the park, which includes the parkland west of Georgetown and north of Burleith,¬†“the population… Read More

Sunday in the Park with Mary Jane: teen caught growing weed in Rock Creek

Rock Creek Park has been described as the dividing line between white and black DC, even though gentrification has made that description less accurate. It doesn’t have to stand for something so sad, though. As a Marylander just… Read More