The SAC meeting minutes since February 15 onward

Last night, a diligent commenter pointed out that the Georgetown Student Activities Commission has fallen behind in posting its meeting minutes online. Since SAC’s public relations director Ruiyong Chen (SFS ’13) sends meeting notes to the Voice on… Read More

GUSA’s FinApp delays vote on draft budget to finalize PAAC, SAC conditions

Tuesday night’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriation Committee was all anti-climax, with the Senators having to put off voting on the draft budget they put together before Spring Break until Thursday. Because details… Read More

Plan A Hoyas kick off Choice Week with likely the first all pro-choice panel funded by Georgetown

Speakers from organizations like the National Abortion Federation and Choice USA aren’t the kind of guests you’d expect to find at a Georgetown University-sponsored event—especially not if they’re the event’s main voices, and especially not if there isn’t… Read More

GUSA Roundup: The Senate goes to the ‘beach’

This week, seduced by the beautiful weather, the Georgetown University Student Association Senate convened its weekly meeting on Healy lawn. Senators reclined on the grass as their fellow students blissfully threw footballs and beanbags and held a relaxed,… Read More

Georgetown’s SAC funds pro-choice panel hosted by “Plan A Hoyas”

In a close vote, members of Georgetown’s Student Activities Commission approved funding for what may be an unprecedented of event at Georgetown University, if it takes place—a University-funded panel of three speakers, all pro-choice, holding a discussion of… Read More

Georgetown advisory boards present budgets at first GUSA budget summit

The first Georgetown University Student Association Budget Summit was a real doozey, lasting from 10 a.m. all the way to 8 p.m. on Sunday. During the meeting, the advisory boards presented their budget proposals to the Finance and… Read More

Georgetown SAC approves University funding for Sex Positive Week events

On Monday, the Student Activities Commission heard proposals from the students planning Sex Positive Week, a weeklong series of events designed to encourage discussion about sex and sexuality at Georgetown University, and ultimately approved funding for all the… Read More

A recap of last night’s GUSA Town Hall on funding reform

Given the kind of concerned, accusatory letters some advisory board leaders sent in the last week, the town hall that the Georgetown University Student Association hosted last night to shed additional light on its proposed funding reforms was… Read More

The SAC Chair and CSJ e-mails about GUSA’s six suggested reforms, and the FinAp Committee’s response to SAC

On Thursday, Vox published a letter that Student Activities Commission Chair Ethel Amponsah (NHS ’11) had sent to student club leaders challenging the various funding reforms the Georgetown University Student Association is working to enact. In her e-mail,… Read More

SAC Chair e-mails club leaders promising to fight proposed GUSA reforms

In response to the legislation to reform the Funding Board that the Georgetown University Student Association will soon consider, Student Activity Commission Chair Ethel Amponsah (NHS ’11) has sent the letter reproduced below to student club leaders. In… Read More