SAC Chair tells clubs that GUSA’s budget battle could put them in “deep financial jeopardy”

For many Georgetown students, the current GUSA budgetary stand-off is probably just another in a long line of amusing student government squabbles. But for those who have been waiting months to get their funding and are potentially getting… Read More

Adelfi flirts with the idea of joining sorority

Adelfi was one of a few clubs which at the end of last school year forfeited its SAC funding, citing an uncertain future membership size. Nevertheless, the all-girls social and service organization has continued to operate throughout this… Read More

Your guide to who’s who at Georgetown’s “Sex Positive” Week

The tamest of  “Torn about Porn”s images This week, GU Pride, United Feminists, and the Georgetown Solidarity Committee are co-sponsoring “Sex Positive Week,” brought to you by University money. That last part has irked a host of Catholic… Read More

Funding Board doles out cash, sends IRC directly to jail

As if it grows on trees Last night’s annual Funding Board meeting concluded with a slap in the face for the International Relations Club and GPB, GUSA, and SAC making out like Rich Uncle Pennybags. In the end,… Read More

GUSA and the Meeting of Mayhem

SAC certainly set the bar high for angry late-night meeting antics on Monday, but GUSA proved that chaos and outrage aren’t exclusive to SAC at a three-ring circus of a meeting Wednesday night. In between talk about SafeRides… Read More

“I don’t give a damn!”: GUSA senator stages sit-in at SAC constitution meeting

As The Hoya reports, SAC passed an amendment to its constitution last night that officially gave its chairs a power that current SAC chair Sophia Behnia (COL `09) says they have had for years: the ability to independently… Read More

SAC chair Sophia Behnia: Georgetown’s newest aspiring kleptocrat

The Student Activities Commission has shaken off GUSA’s checks on its power, so last week GUSA was trying to reassert one of those checks–its right to appoint SAC’s chairperson. Instead of the ad hoc system where the outgoing… Read More