SAFE referendum passes by overwhelming margin

Student activities fees are moving on up. Yesterday, GUSA’s Student Activities Fee Endowment reform passed referendum with 1,703 votes in favor and 743 against. The reform will increase the student activities fee to $62.50 per semester during the… Read More

SAFE Update: Vote total passes critical mark

The Student Activity Fee Endowment (SAFE) reform referendum reached the number of votes required for it to be valid. As of noon today, 2,002 votes were cast in the referendum with more than a day of voting left…. Read More

How are you voting in the GUSA SAFE reform referendum?

12:15 a.m. update: 741 votes have been cast as of 11:49 p.m., according to GUSA Election Commission member Adam Giansiracusa. Original post: Voting begins tonight around midnight for the Student Activities Fee Endowment (SAFE) reform referendum. The reforms… Read More

GUSA approves fee reform, awaits December referendum

As expected, the Georgetown University Student Association overwhelmingly approved Student Activities Fee Endowment reform on Sunday. The reform, which proposes an increased student activities fee, will face an online referendum from December 7 to December 9. The reforms… Read More

FinApp OKs fee increase, GUSA to vote on SAFE reform this Sunday

After weeks of town hall meetings, the GUSA Senate’s Finance and Appropriations Committee unanimously passed Student Activities Fee Endowment reform legislation on Wednesday night. The GUSA Senate will vote on the SAFE reform bill on Sunday. The proposed… Read More

Free Food-for-All: GUSA snacks, a Lannan reading, and Nobel sushi

GUSA goes yummy We’ve all heard about the GUSA’s plan to reform the student activities fee. If you’re still confused, want to voice your opinion, or just some free pizza and soda, they’ve got you covered. Tonight from… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Fight for your right … to study in MSB

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate took a break from SAFE reform on Sunday to take aim at a different scourge—undergraduate access to the McDonough School of Business’s Hariri building. Senator Nathaniel Tisa (SFS ’14), with the co-sponsorship… Read More

GUSA talks SAFE reform at second town hall meeting

Last night, the GUSA Financial and Appropriations Committee held its second town hall meeting to discuss the Student Activities Fee Endowment reform plan. Attendees discussed the previously proposed reform plan, as well as a potential increase in the… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Mind on my money, money on my mind

At Sunday’s Georgetown University Student Association Senate meeting, senators announced that another town hall meeting concerning Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform will be held this Wednesday. Senator Greg Laverierre (COL ’12), chairperson of the FinApp committee, said… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Discretionary budgets created for three committees

Time for some pizza parties On Sunday, the GUSA Senate voted to create budgets for the Student Life, Community-Building and Outreach, and Academic Affairs Committees to draw small amounts of money from without going to the Finance and… Read More