Are SFS-Q students’ low SAT scores diluting the Georgetown degree?

The universities at Doha’s Education City, including Georgetown’s SFS-Qatar campus, are supposed to have the same admissions and academic standards as their home institutions.  It’s this presumed equivalence that allows them to issue the same degrees in Qatar… Read More

Who got accepted to Georgetown University in 2009?

Above is the information about the 2009 applicant pool and accepted students that Voice News obtained from Georgetown’s Office of Admissions. News has the full story. Below are the numbers. This year, 11,178 prospective students applied to the… Read More

So long to the SAT? Not for Georgetown.

In last week’s issue, Eric Pilch argued that the SAT plays an outsized role in college admissions – and it looks like some very powerful people agree with him. A commission of college admissions officers (including Georgetown’s Dean… Read More