The Academics Working Group prepares to release recommendations for Georgetown

Get the flash player here: Later this month, the Academics Working Group plans to release its first proposals for how Georgetown can improve diversity in its curriculum. The group, one of three diversity working groups formed by President DeGioia last spring after The Hoya‘s April Fools’ Issues prompted a broad discussion of diversity at […]

At diversity open forum, new SCU Chair gets food for thought

The turnout was terrible, but the content was great. That was Admissions and Recruitment Working Group Co-Chair Ryan Wilson’s (COL ’12) assessment of today’s open meeting about the recommendations that his working group released last week. Just ten people attended, most of whom were already involved in the working group’s endeavors, but a few outsiders […]

Draft of Diversity Working Group’s admissions and recruitment suggestions unveiled

The working group hopes to include diversity discussion in NSO In a campuswide e-mail yesterday evening, the Office of the Provost announced that the Admissions and Recruitment Working Group has put together a draft proposal for changes to Georgetown’s recruitment process. The changes, which are meant to encourage a more diverse student body, are not […]

Prefrosh Preview: News you can use

This week Vox figured we’d give you some sense of institutional history by presenting a primer of the ten most widely-discussed campus news stories from the past couple years. 10. GUSA election debacles GUSA Candidates, pre-squabbling Georgetown’s student government, GUSA, doesn’t have a great record as far as presidential elections are concerned. In 2008, they […]

Georgetown groups protest Hoya’s April Fool’s issue

About 40 students sat-in at The Hoya‘s office late Thursday night Editor’s note: Okay, so we’ve covered The Hoya an awful lot lately, and you may be getting sick of it. However, we think would’ve been remiss not to cover these events. Slideshow: Students conduct a sit-in protest in the office of “The Hoya” Last […]

SCUnity breaks from GUSA, support, backlash follow

…Using the best breakup song ever Last week, the board of the Student Commission for Unity voted to break away from GUSA. Their decision went into effect Sunday, and Brian Kesten (COL `10) promptly emailed SCUnity’s listserv with SCUnity’s press release, which read in part: In order to effectively advocate for these recommendations, the Student […]

GUSA Meeting Rundown: SCUnity scuffle and RAD packages

The most intriguing part of this week’s meeting might have been what went unsaid.  After GUSA approved 6 of SCUnity’s 8 recommendations, Speaker Reggie Greer made a subtle announcement in the evening’s proceedings: ex-Vice Speaker Brian Wood has resigned from both his position in GUSA and his Senate seat. Greer mentioned something about “there were […]

Kesten and crew unveil SCUnity report in Gaston

It took fifteen months to compile, during which time it suffered royal controversy and headline wordplay, but the tome-of-a SCUnity report is finally here. Flanked by his SCUnity commission and his co-investigator Brian Cook (COL `10), project mastermind Brian Kesten (COL `10) presented the commission’s finding yesterday in Gaston Hall. A full cover story by […]

GUSA: Not all peaches ‘n’ cream, grassroots explained

“Spread to the four winds!” The GUSA Senate formed the Student Commission for Unity last spring in response to last year’s bias-related incidents and The Hoya’s “Jena 6″ snafu last fall. In April, the SCU conducted a survey on race, discrimination, and segregation at Georgetown which gleaned over 1,500 student responses. While they’re not publishing […]