Design your own 2010 Campus Plan sign

Our trip into Burleith yesterday got us thinking about a few things. Why should the residents be the only ones who get to have fun with signage? How can students get involved with the 2010 Campus Plan? And… Read More

Site news: The countdown to 10,000

“Sloppy Joe” DeGioia threw a hissy fit after we took away his Eric Cusimano Ken doll In case you forgot, Vox plans to celebrate our impending 10,000 comment with a prize for one lucky reader. And for the… Read More

Site news: Keep your eyes out for that 10,000th comment

So, here’s the deal. When we signed on this morning, we realized that you readers have commented 9,750 times! To thank all of you for reading and commenting, we’re holding a little contest. Whoever submits comment #10,000 to… Read More

Site news: Yes, we’ll keep posting this summer

Done with finals yet? If not, Vox wishes you the best of luck while you toil away in the lonely, lonely cavern that Lau will be over the next 24 hours. But, if you are finished, why the… Read More

On the field and in the newsroom, Voice staffers dominate

Vox was kicked off the Voice squad after failing to shave his sideburns. Just a day after the Voice vanquished the Hoya in a nail-biter of a softball game, Georgetown’s rival newspapers met once again to do battle… Read More

Vox, meet your new daddy

After Molly’s terrific reign ended yesterday, you might be asking yourself, “Who’s the fool dumb enough to think he can run Vox Populi?” Well, I’m that fool. But please—call me Chris. Taking over as blog editor, I feel… Read More

Here’s looking at you, Vox Populi readers

I knew this day would come, but it still kind of blows my mind. My time as Vox Populi editor is up. That plane I just got on is taking me back to print journalism to be Managing… Read More

The winner of Vox‘s Blingee a Georgetown personality contest

Vox has chosen Sam Ungar’s creation as the winner of our “Blingee a Georgetown personality” reader contest. Using a photo of the statue of Jan Karski, Ungar produced a true work of art: Ungar has won two tickets… Read More

Enter the Voice‘s 2010 Photo Contest

It’s time for the annual Voice Photo Contest! Photography enthusiasts, enter your best black and white or color shots for a chance to have your work featured in our April 15 issue of the Voice. To enter, e-mail… Read More

More photos from the Georgetown Voice‘s Spring Fashion issue

Get the flash player here: Don’t miss the Spring Fashion issue in print, where you can find out where to find these looks in Georgetown!