Georgetown sees spike in drug violations over the weekend

Maybe Georgetown students contracted reefer madness this weekend, but from Thursday, February 18, to Saturday, February 20, the Department of Public Safety recorded a shocking number of drug violations on campus in its Daily Crime Log (pdf)—five. Five… Read More

Vox wants your pictures of Georgetown in the snow!

Vox has been eagerly browsing the photos you’ve all been sharing on Twitter and Facebook of a Snowpocalypsed Georgetown. (What can we say? When we’re snowed in it exacerbates our stalkerish tendencies). Now we’d like to put together… Read More

The Voice is brand new!

Last night, the tech doctors peeled back the bandages from the Voice‘s web facelift and were pleased to find that they had successfully given the Georgetown Voice: A redesigned, more navigable website that lets you view more of… Read More

Vox will be down from 9:00 p.m. to the wee hours of Thursday morning

This image doesn’t make too much sense here. I just wanted to use it. Both the Georgetown Voice website and Vox Populi are being redesigned this week. Vox will be out after about 9:00 this evening, but unless… Read More

The Georgetown Voice website is getting a makeover

Or maybe we’re just waiting for some new PVC piping This afternoon, we’ll be taking down so we can launch a better, redesigned site later this week. (Vox Populi won’t be affected.) As long as things go… Read More

Vox Populi wants your snOMG 2009 photos!

snOMG! The blizzard that incapacitated the District of Columbia for an entire weekend had a few things going for it: it made inclined planes all over the Hilltop exceedingly more fun, and it was super photogenic. Vox wants… Read More

Heckler alum Zach Rabiroff (COL ‘09) responds to magazine’s racism charges

Engrossed in the ongoing debate over alleged racism in the most recent issue of The Georgetown Heckler? Check out former Heckler contributor and recent alum Zach Rabiroff’s (COL ’09) op-ed, “In defense of satire,” now up on the… Read More

Vox will be liveblogging today’s basketball game

Afternoon start time interfering with your ability to make it the inaugural men’s basketball game today?  Vox has got you covered! The Voice‘s Sports Editor Tim Shine will be liveblogging the game, so check back here around 3:45… Read More

Vox‘s sneak peak at the Real World D.C.

If this week’s Voice cover story piqued your interest in Real World DC, Vox has some footage of the cast and their Dupont Circle digs to hold you over until the show’s December 30th premiere!

More from the Voice‘s interviews with Georgetown comedy alums

In this week’s issue of the Voice, I had the chance to talk to quite a few former Georgetown comedians. Unfortunately, we didn’t have space for all of their quotes in the article, so here are a few… Read More