Come to the Voice‘s Open House tomorrow at 5 p.m.

Are you interested in working for Georgetown’s weekly newsmagazine of record? You’re in luck: we’re having our first open house of the year tomorrow at 5 p.m. in our office (Leavey 413). We’re looking for reporters, writers, design… Read More

Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: Get to know “The Daily Show”

Javerbaum (center) on the set of “The Daily Show” Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first edition of Voice‘s On-Campus Choices, a weekly roundup of the best on-campus events in the upcoming week. If there’s an event you’d like… Read More

Introducing Vox‘s Campus Calendar!

Since the University decided to opt out of Google Calendar and SaxaSpeak is apparently down for the count, Vox has decided to try our hand at providing Georgetown with a centralized campus calendar. Here’s how it works: we’ll… Read More

Vox turns three!

Believe it or not, Vox Populi is finally past its terrible twos: today is Vox‘s third birthday! Three years ago today, former Voice Editor in Chief Chris Norton described Vox‘s mission statement thusly: We, the editors, have decided… Read More

Vox wants your photographic talent!

Are you a photographer? Do you use Flickr? Want to contribute to Vox? Well it’s your lucky day! We just started a Flickr group, Vox Populi Photos, for Georgetown-based photogs who’d like to see their work displayed on… Read More

Presenting the Vox Campus Crime Map!

View Georgetown Voice Crime Map: April 2009 in a larger map The April crime map For our summer project, Vox has decided to start maintaining a campus crime map.  We’ll be using the information from DPS’s digital crime… Read More

Calling all Georgetown bloggers!

Hey! Do you blog? Are you a Georgetown student? Then Vox wants to add you to our blogroll! We recently revamped our link list and we’re looking to add a section for blogs by Georgetown students. If you’ve… Read More

Vox will be liveblogging DeGioia’s forum tonight!

For those of you unable to attend, a picture of Jack to tide you over… We’ll be liveblogging President DeGioia’s community meeting on the Hoya‘s April Fool’s issue and the recent acts of vandalism on campus. If you… Read More

Greetings and salutations from your new Blog Editor!

Demonstrating the kind of attention to detail I plan to bring to the blog Hey everyone! Yesterday former Blog Editor Molly Redden passed the blogging baton off to me, Juliana Brint. I’ll be taking care of Vox this… Read More

Driving off into the sunset

Back to print journalism! Well, it’s been fun, but my time as blog editor is over. Vox is now in the super-capable hands of former Voice News editor and frequent friend-of-the-blog Juliana Brint. Former Leisure editor Jim McGrory… Read More