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Join the Voice business staff

“And it all started with the Voice!” The Voice is looking for students who are good with numbers and sales to work on our business staff. Work hard here and who knows, maybe you’ll be running naked women… Read More

Sarah Palin reads the Georgetown Voice

This is big for us.

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You don’t have to be as good as Will Shortz, but it helps Former crossword editor Cal Lee is spending the semester in Ireland studying how to integrate Gaelic accent marks into his puzzles, so the Voice is… Read More

We’re on Facebook!

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12 answers to class of ’12 questions

Hey, class of 2012. If you’re hungry for any information you can get about Georgetown, this is your blog. Vox Populi is the next evolutionary stage of Georgetown’s weekly paper, the Voice. We’ll be having a big freshman… Read More


A little inside baseball here, but Peter Hamby (COL ’03), a former Voice staffer and all-around good guy, just found a spot on The Politico‘s top 50 list of Washington…politicos. Hamby works as a producer for CNN, where… Read More

Will There Be Blood?

Welcome back to D.C., y’all. While you wait with visible anticipation (yep, we see you sweating) for the first Voice of 2008 (January 17: mark your calendar!), here’s a review of There Will Be Blood by Michael Evans… Read More

A holiday film review

Headed to the cinema over break? Thinking about seeing the dreamy Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd while you’re there? Well, how about it? Joshua Speiser tries to help you out with a review over on the main site…. Read More

How active are you?

I’m not all about self-promotion (just mostly about it) but here’s a link to an article I wrote at Campus Progress, an online web-magazine for college progressives. The article is a response to a different and silly piece… Read More