Georgetown Cupcake does not employ cupcake bouncers

Although we really, really wanted NBC Washington‘s story about cupcake bouncers to be true, it isn’t. “Because of the long line, we posted employees outside to greet customers and hand out menus,” Georgetown Cupcake co-owner Sophie LaMontagne said. “I don’t know about this whole bouncer rumor. They’re sixteen-year old girls!” The alleged bouncers, originally spotted […]

John Thompson Jr. named “Citizen of the Year” in Syracuse, world surprisingly does not collapse into itself

We’re just about as confused as Casual Hoya about the most recent news to come out of upstate New York: former men’s basketball coach and all-around bad-ass John Thompson, Jr. was honored last night by Syracuse’s Temple Adath Yeshurun. That’s right. In the same city where tens of thousands of people regularly booed him, Thompson […]

GU Med School cadavers force closure of Maryland funeral home

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Sun reported that a Maryland inspector found 40 body bags—and their occupants—illegally stored in the garage of a Prince George’s County funeral home. The shocking part of the story? Many of the bodies came from Georgetown’s School of Medicine. The University contracted the Chambers Funeral Home & Crematorium “to take its […]

Resident blogs about, photographs partying Georgetown students

Be wary the next time you head out to an off-campus party—you just might end up on “Drunken Georgetown Students,” a website run by a Burleith resident which publishes photographs and written accounts of off-campus student life. The site, which dubs Georgetown “AN EAST COAST PARTY SCHOOL,” is run by neighbor and former American University […]