Serving Up: Basil Thai

Wisconsin is like a mini-streak of the tundra and sometimes the only thing that can warm up your soul on that Avenue is noodles and rice. Vox is am convinced that is what the lunch gods preached as… Read More

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Serving Up: The Darlington House

Last weekend, Vox ventured out to dinner all the way to Dupont Circle (gasp!) to review The Darlington House. A mere one-minute walk from the north Dupont metro stop or the GUTS bus stop, the trek over is… Read More

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Serving Up: Teddy and the Bully Bar Restaurant Review

As we all know, Hoyas love their politics and their presidents. And as Vox‘s personal favorite president is none other than Theodore Roosevelt, she just had to try the restaurant Teddy & The Bully Bar, located right in Dupont Circle…. Read More