Spread the love and take Vox’s sex survey


Vox decided to celebrate this Valentine’s Day by ignoring all the romance and going straight for what everyone’s got on their minds. Last year, the Voice did its own sex survey, but Vox thought that was far too tame. So any time before that annoyingly chocolate- and heart-filled day, respond to these questions (which are probably not so appropriate […]

Just the Tip: Metaphysical discourse with a chance of intercourse

Submit your questions and deepest, darkest secrets to Caitríona at the bottom of the form. “Dear Caitríona, Every time I introduce myself to a pretty lady at a pregame, I find that she has a boyfriend at the house party. And then it gets awk afterward. How do I escape the limbo of my singularity? […]

Just the Tip: Press * for service and dance floor missteps

Submit your questions and deepest, darkest secrets to Caitriona at the bottom of the form. Hey Caitriona, I need some phone sex tips. My boyfriend and I are long distance, and having sexy time over the phone gets really monotonous after a few calls. Any advice on to spice it up? Long Distance Sucks Well […]

Just the Tip: Vasodilate, but don’t flatuate

This Just the Tip was published late due to technical difficulties with Vox‘s new format. Just the Tips will be posted on Fridays from this point forward, so submit questions using the form at the bottom of the post so Caitríona will have something to do for Friday. Hi Caitríona, Whenever I hook up, I […]

Prefrosh Preview: Sex, hookups, and contraception

From what Vox has gathered about college hookup culture in general, Georgetown is pretty average when it comes to sex. According to the Voice‘s super-scientific survey, 72 percent of Georgetown students are sexually active. 52 percent of students said that Georgetown’s student culture encourages sex, but a large portion, 33 percent, neither agreed nor disagreed. […]

Coming to a TV near you: Condom ads as ritzy as Ciroc commercials

The D.C. Department of Health has one message for you: Use a rubber, kid. That’s been the message for years, though now the department is using a glitzier ad campaign to get the idea across to us young folk. In a commercial that premiered last night, a group of elegantly-dressed men and women roll up […]

Take the Voice‘s 2012 sex survey!

Get it, girl. Although the sex lives of Georgetown students have received more national attention than anyone would have liked, we at the Voice would like to find out how much you all are, so to speak, getting V-nasty. The link to the survey is here, which takes about 2 minutes to complete. Of course, […]

Prefrosh Preview: Illicit Activities

For this edition of Prefrosh Preview, we’ll be tackling various vices you might be interested in engaging in during college: drinking, drugs, sex and smoking. As a disclaimer, Vox isn’t advocating underage drinking or the use of illegal drugs, and most of this information comes from outside sources, not firsthand experience. Drinking Despite what some […]

Survey claims friends try to prevent drunk hookups

Every weekend, it’s easy to see the prevalence of the hookup culture at Georgetown. The number of hookups—and subsequent hookup horror stories—even led to three Georgetown students creation of WorstHookups.com, where students can share all the details of the encounters they’d rather forget. Despite what appears to be a culture that encourages students to hookup […]

Venus Fly Trap: Your newest Vox contributor

It broke our hearts when we learned that Georgetown’s resident blog queen, Venus Fly Trap, shut down her site this summer. So, we invited her to join Vox. Starting in two weeks, VFT will post bi-monthly advice columns about sex, dating, and anything else that’s inappropriate for polite conversations. But, there’s a catch—she needs your […]

Prefrosh Preview: Illicit activities

Below, we’ve republished Juliana Brint’s August 2009 post about “all the various vices you might be interested in engaging in during college: drinking, drugs, sex and smoking.” And here’s our disclaimer: Vox isn’t endorsing any of these activities. (And most of the advice and information came from outside sources.) Alcohol Georgetown is definitely a drinking […]