Tufts institutes tough anti-sexiling rules

Sex free’s the way to be! Being an amorous college student is hard enough at Georgetown, what with the lack of condom vendors and the whole Catholic morality complex, but we may have been one-upped on the preventing… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Illicit activities

For the penultimate Prefrosh Preview, we’ll be tackling all the various vices you might be interested in engaging in during college: drinking, drugs, sex and smoking. As a disclaimer: Vox isn’t advocating underage drinking or the use of… Read More

Lauinger Library, anonymous sex mecca?

Lau, you filthy, filthy library, you! Over at one of City Paper‘s blogs, the Sexist, Amanda Hess has been doing a series on glory holes and public sex in D.C. in honor of “Glory Hole Month.” Today, she… Read More

On the Record with Julia Allison, certified internet celebrity and the original Hoya sex columnist

Julia Allison in Tombs It’s a bit of a challenge to describe dating columnist and alumna Julia Allison (COL `04) to anyone who isn’t already familiar with her micro-celebrity—perhaps because no two followers’ characterization of her are alike. … Read More

The Sexual Conduct Policy that makes Georgetown’s condom ban look positively progressive

Abstinence or else! This week’s City Paper cover story focuses on our coreligionists at Catholic University and the implications of an alleged sexual assault for their extraordinarily doctrinaire sex policy. The ending focuses on an extremely disturbing case… Read More

Your guide to who’s who at Georgetown’s “Sex Positive” Week

The tamest of  “Torn about Porn”s images This week, GU Pride, United Feminists, and the Georgetown Solidarity Committee are co-sponsoring “Sex Positive Week,” brought to you by University money. That last part has irked a host of Catholic… Read More

The myth of the sexually active dorm

The story that a Cornell study ranked Darnall as one of the country’s most sexually-active dorms just won’t die. No such study exists, but the Voice fell for it (although that article might be in on the joke),… Read More

Philodemic Society’s sexual frustration finds an outlet

Imagine my delight at discovering that the Philodemic Society, Georgetown’s debating club, has its own blog. A skim of their constitution confirms that they’re basically Toastmasters with high self-regard–one of their officers is called the Amaneusis–but the real… Read More

We’re on Plan B already?

Might as well get this party started by saying, it’s about time the government caved and let us have all the consequence-free unprotected sex we want (except for the danger of, y’know, AIDS ‘n stuff). The FDA’s decision… Read More