Men Can Stop Rape workshop provides for open discussion on sexual assault and masculinity


Jared Watkins (COL ’11), the Development Coordinator of the D.C. non-profit group Men Can Stop Rape, led an interactive discussion Thursday night on perceptions of sexual assault and rape in today’s society in White-Gravenor. While the event was originally intended to be exclusively for male students, the invitation was later extended to female Hoyas as […]

SAPE furthers sexual assault dialogue with discussions for freshmen

Last night in a Darnall common room, Sexual Assault Peer Educators lead a discussion on sexual assault at Georgetown as well as beyond the Hilltop. The talk introduced freshmen to SAPE and their efforts to inform the student-body on a difficult and pervasive issue, which recently has received more attention on campus. The two-night event […]

Student groups host vigil against sexual assault in Red Square

How many Public Service Announcement reports about sexual assaults do you think you’ve gotten in your e-mail inbox over the last year? If you actually check your Hoyamail account, that answer probably ranges somewhere from “Too many,” to “Way too many,” to “Oh my God, can this be for real?” On Wednesday evening, GU Men […]