University silent on sexual assault risk

After four sexual assaults in the last two weeks in the neighborhood around American University, DCist reports that “Officials from all universities in the area, including Georgetown, George Washington, UDC and American, have been briefed by police to… Read More

Life in LXR after the crimes

Someone’s in trouble with DPS Until the events of this past weekend, LXR had been a relatively quite dorm this year, with few problems larger than the lack of hot water during my morning shower. This week, however,… Read More

When it rains, it pours …

It’s particularly galling, in light of our recent editorial on the subject, to see D.C. police apparently discounting a rape allegation from an intoxicated woman. Even worse was their response to a local do-gooder who brought a female… Read More

Rape Village

Last year I broke my favorite pair of sandals journeying down the awkwardly spaced steps next to Henle Village. Later, while bemoaning my foot-wear woes, I was informed that the steps were built as a deterrent to rape…. Read More