Cosmo ranks Markel Starks the No. 12 hottest player in NCAA tournament

“Sadly, your man doesn’t look like me” Cosmopolitan magazine, the world leader in water-sex-position reporting, decided to weigh in on the NCAA tournament this year—in ways you would pretty much expect. The editors at Cosmo ranked Georgetown’s Markel Starks the 12th hottest player in the competition: “Markel is great at protecting the ball. With arms […]

Georgetown receives the highs and lows of college rankings

So here’s the bad news. Last week, Georgetown University appeared as number 47 (right after Columbia University!) on college rankings website The website claims to look beyond the traditional measures used by other ranking systems and “consider indicators of the economic value of a school and the quality of life offered by the city or […]

The Hottest Professor, full stop.

No Hottest Professor list would be complete without Ivo Jansen’s name right at the top. The Dutchman came to the U.S. for his MBA and, lucky for us, decided to stay. He is tall, slim, and blonde with an angular jaw and bright blue eyes. But his hottest feature is his sense of humor. He […]

Georgetown’s Hottest Professors

The Voice is pleased to announce an open call for nominations from its readers for the hottest professors you’ve spent hours batting your eyes at in countless dreary seminar rooms and lecture halls. They might be an Eros of economics like Sanjay Chugh, a foxy Portuguese prof like Valeria Buffo or some as-yet-undiscovered starlet out […]