Come to the Voice open house tomorrow!

Attention all Vox readers: tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in Leavey 424, the Voice will be having its second open house of the semester. We’ll have pizza (Ledo’s… if you haven’t tried it yet, trust me, you want to), soft drinks,… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: YOLO edition

Here at the Voice, we sympathize with Paul Musgrave. Our fantasy autocracy team never quite recovered from the Muammar Gaddafi kerfuffle. The question Morgan Davis poses is quite easy to answer: go with the monocle. Monocles are cool,… Read More

Vox launches summer edition with new feature: Vox Catuli

Just kidding guys; no one really likes cats. But seriously, this summer, Vox is going to be alive and well. I’ll be writing remotely from the Big Apple while fighting the good fight at a law firm, but… Read More

Spotted: new Vox editor takes the reins, leaves the cannoli

New Vox matriarch here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Georgetown’s elite. My right-hand muckrakers, assistant blog editors Connor Jones and Morgan Manger, will be lurking the grounds of Red Square, Copley Lawn, and Leavey esplanade for… Read More

Missed Connections: Grasping for the Facebook Threshold edition

Today, I introduce Vox’s readers to my latest postulate: the Facebook threshold. It’s a fairly simple concept, in theory – if by the end of a social encounter one hasn’t gathered enough personal information to find a given… Read More

Let’s make this a threesome

Elections are done. The Voice has spoken: Geoffrey Bible will now write Saxa Politica, a print column about on-campus politics, and Nico Dodd will be our Contributing Editor. But then who will keep you from paying attention in… Read More

Syllabi Week: Procrastination Station

With a new semester comes a new week of syllabi-handing-out. So while you are lectured on the importance of Business Statistics in your day to day life, why not enjoy a list of Vox’s favorite websites for procrastination?… Read More

Vox Populi has two new daddies

Following this weekend’s Voice elections, Chris Heller now runs the news section of the actual paper. So, which idiot will provide you with all the information you need—and probably don’t need—to know related to Georgetown? Well, it’s your… Read More

I, for one, welcome our new Georgetown blog overlords

Of the few hundred posts I written for Vox, this is the one I least enjoy. In a few minutes, I’ll hand my blogging keys over to Geoffrey Bible and Nico Dodd, the two Voice writers who will… Read More