Site News: Vox is off for spring break, so take our poll

The semester sits at about its midway point and Georgetown students leave campus facing the sequestration and having elected a new GUSA president. While all the news may not be good, Georgetown has a lot to be thankful… Read More

Site News: Vox returning to a regular posting schedule

As we let you know by tweet a few hours ago, Vox was having troubles with the intertubes. Both the break and our technical difficulties are over, however, and Vox will be posting on a regular schedule for the… Read More

Site News: Hitting the books

Don’t worry guys, we’re not dead (yet). But we’ll be trying to pick up the pieces of our GPA’s over the next few days. As such, we’ll be scaling back our coverage over the next few days. If… Read More

Site news: We’re not allowed to blog at the dinner table

Since we plan to gorge ourselves with turkey for a better part of the next 48 hours, we’re closing the blog doors early this week. (We promise to jump into action if any important news breaks.) But, we… Read More

Venus Fly Trap: Your newest Vox contributor

It broke our hearts when we learned that Georgetown’s resident blog queen, Venus Fly Trap, shut down her site this summer. So, we invited her to join Vox. Starting in two weeks, VFT will post bi-monthly advice columns… Read More

Site news: I’m going to the Jersey Shore, bitch!

Vox is going on vacation. I’ll be in New Jersey next week, presumably doing all of those things that I see on MTV nowadays. But all of those gym workouts, tanning, and laundry, I won’t have much time… Read More

10,000 reasons we love Vox commenters

We fell sleep for a few hours and—BAM!—our 10,000th comment contest ended overnight. As promised, the winner will receive his very own Georgetown Barbie. Our first five-figure comment, written by Jeffrey Bien (COL ’10), a.k.a. “Bring Back the… Read More

Site news: The countdown to 10,000

“Sloppy Joe” DeGioia threw a hissy fit after we took away his Eric Cusimano Ken doll In case you forgot, Vox plans to celebrate our impending 10,000 comment with a prize for one lucky reader. And for the… Read More

Site news: Keep your eyes out for that 10,000th comment

So, here’s the deal. When we signed on this morning, we realized that you readers have commented 9,750 times! To thank all of you for reading and commenting, we’re holding a little contest. Whoever submits comment #10,000 to… Read More

Site news: Calling all Georgetown bloggers!

We have a confession to make: our blogroll is woefully outdated and incomplete. So, that’s where you can help! Do you blog? Are you at all related to Georgetown University? If so, fill out the form below and… Read More