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February 18th: Wuck Finter

As Vox walks to class in her long winter coat and boots, with a gust of cold wind stinging her inner core, she is not bitter about the winter’s snow, but thankful. Why Mother Nature? How come every time there… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: Don’t trust vegans…or Leo’s on a snow day

i don’t trust people who pronounce caramel like carmel— Teague Loughman (@teagadinho) March 4, 2014 According to a trusty online source, Vox also discovered more people who you should be suspicious of…including, but not limited to: vegans, Romanians… Read More


Pray away the snow day: Assistant Provost did all he could to stop the cold

John Carroll is upset that no students are out playing in the snow, as they all have to go study. In advance of the text that everyone loves to see, Assistant Provost and University Registrar John Q. Pierce… Read More

The end of snow days: Provost launches initiative to hold class during campus closures

While Georgetown students frolicked and pranced in the fresh snow last Tuesday, little did they know that they were witnessing the end of an era. As snow descended and twilight fell, each snowflake marked the fast-fleeting moments of… Read More