Snow Survival Guide: Who’s Delivering in Georgetown

Blizzards can be hard on your stomach. Vittles is out of the good sandwiches, and some restaurants won’t deliver. Fortunately, the following restaurants are committed to making sure Georgetown students don’t go Donner Party: Philly Pizza (202-333-0100)-Drunk food… Read More

Georgetown will open at noon, with liberal leave afterwards

Your econ midterm will have to wait According to Georgetown’s Emergency Preparedness page, Georgetown University will be closed until noon, and a liberal leave policy will be in effect thereafter. Let’s assume a liberal definition of “liberal leave”:… Read More

Storm’s a-comin': How you can make the most of a DC blizzard

Expect to see this picture on a lot of blogs The AP has nail-biting predictions for tonight’s snowstorm, an Alert DC winter weather advisory is surely in the works, and political correspondent John Dickerson is stockpiling firewood. It’s… Read More

It’s not just you

It was cold today. Really cold. I’m not just saying that—it’s a fact. Well, it was published in the Washington Post, anyway. The floppy-haired weatherman on Channel 5 even said records might be set tonight. The historic low… Read More