A response to a response: The 2010 Campus Plan fight continues

In response to Georgetown University’s “misleading” point-by-point letter, the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown (CAG) published a letter of its own, titled “Setting the Record Straight.” In the letter, CAG accuses the University of violating D.C. zoning laws by… Read More

University responds to 2010 Campus Plan opposition

7/8 UPDATE: It looks like the University switched out Dimolitsas’s letter for a more-detailed chart [PDF]. At the bottom of this post, we’ve republished a copy of the original letter. On Tuesday, a Georgetown University official finally responded… Read More

Does Georgetown want to build a campus in India?

SFS-Q may not be the only overseas Georgetown campus in the future, if Minister Kapil Sibal has anything to say about it. Last Wednesday, Sibal, who spoke at Georgetown in October 2009, met with Senior Vice President Spiros… Read More

Rudolph Redux: Solidarity sings revamped Christmas carols for DPS pay raise

“O come let us demand now, O come let us demand now, O come let us demand now that DPS get fair pay!” That’s something you may have heard sung by members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee if… Read More