Bye Bye Bernie: Athletic Director moving to University of Delaware

After a mere four years as Georgetown’s Director of Athletics, Bernard Muir will be leaving for a post at the University of Delaware.  Before coming to Georgetown, Muir served as the Deputy Director of Athletics at Notre Dame… Read More

Vee Sanford: dunk machine!

In need of a pick-me-up after this year’s disappointing season and the recent slew of desertions?  Here’s a video to tide you over until Georgetown’s newest basketball player and hi-top fade enthusiast Vee Sanford hits the court next… Read More

At Georgetown, salaries for coaches of male sports teams double salaries for coaches of female teams

Men’s lacrosse The U.S. Department of Education found that between July 2007 and June 2008, coaches of male Georgetown sports teams earned an average of $125,420 while coaches of female teams earned $53,6200 on average. Full-time equivalents who… Read More

Washington media enamored of Georgetown’s Gatling gun

A return to basics That spiffy new t-shirt shooter that’s replaced the armpower of cheerleaders at Georgetown basketball games? It’s a Gatling Gun, reports City Paper, and it’s mighty powerful. How powerful? “The gadget can shoot a dozen… Read More

Cuban soccer players defect in DC

Alcantara (right) Last Thursday, when the Cuban soccer team was in town to play the US team for a World Cup qualifier, Cuban player Reinier Alcantar thought, “Thanks but no thanks on the health care and repression” and… Read More

The Doctrine Holds

To update our previous story, a Midnight Madness visit to Georgetown was enough to prevent all outside intervention: top-ranked recruit Greg “The Doctrine” Monroe has decided to play hoops for the Hoyas next year, according to the Washington… Read More

Fore! We suck!

Except for the occasional blustery dissident, no one really argues over golf’s sporthood anymore. It’s become a given. All that means, however, is that it’s one more sport the United States sucks at. Our country has been in… Read More