Twuesday Tweetacular: A plethora of excuses for drinking

I’m not wearing green, and if you pinch me I will knock you the fuck out. I think that is way more Irish than wearing green. — Sean Patton (@mrseanpatton) March 18, 2014   Oh, but of course!… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: St. Patrick’s Day parades, pubs, and more

Vox presents the revamped Remix Your Weekend, an end-of-week events listing for Georgetown and the greater District.  FEATURED EVENT: St. Patrick’s Day Festivities in D.C. Considering parties in Georgetown are likely to get shutdown this weekend thanks to sensitive… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Hoya O’Saxa

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend is upon us, and considering this holiday is Christmas for day drinkers, there’s no reason to be stuck on campus all day. So without further ado, this is Vox’s perfect St. Patty’s weekend itinerary. Friday… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Clap on! Clap off!

@mattpacana That’s what The Clapper is for.

Where to go in Georgetown when the pipes, the pipes are calling

Judging by the regular appearances that “public indecency” charges make in our monthly crime maps, when nature calls to intoxicated Georgetown students, intoxicated Georgetown students will opt to answer the call out in nature. And normally, that probably… Read More