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Stewards still irrelevant, don’t hold your breath

In what has become a recurring migraine for GUSA candidates, the Steward controversy rears its head again. The Hoya reported today that four of the GUSA executive candidates are members in either the Second or Third Society of the Stewards…. Read More

The best comments on the Post‘s article about the Stewards

Everyone’s favorite, the Washington Post is a little late covering Georgetown University’s latest petty election scandal. In an article last Thursday, local reporter Ian Shapira recounts the history of the Stewards from beginning to end: from mysterious early… Read More

‘Steward Throat’ wanted a media frenzy—and we gave it to him

What happened yesterday wasn’t news: It was sensationalism. Yesterday, student media bent to political pressure and needlessly stirred up controversy based on limited information aimed at tarnishing the reputation of a specific presidential candidate. The anonymous informant, “Steward… Read More

Vox read the Stewards Charitable Trust’s 990 forms so you don’t have to

Yesterday morning, anonymous tipster outed a few student leaders at Georgetown as members of the Stewards—a storied secret society that used to be exclusively conservative and Catholic. The informant, styling himself “Steward Throat,” also brought attention to the… Read More

The Society of the Stewards: A brief history

So you’ve heard the rumors about the Stewards: the group is a right-wing conspiracy, they only accept white, Catholic males, they have a secret agenda, and so on. These rumors have circled ever since the group was exposed in… Read More

Anonymous tipster reveals identities of several members of the Stewards

Update, 4:05 pm: In an email statement to Vox, GUSA vice presidential candidate Adam Ramadan (SFS’ 14) admitted to being a member of an undisclosed secret society at Georgetown that is unaffiliated with the Second Society of Stewards… Read More