GUSA and GSO lobby for online scheduling at Student Health Center

The Graduate Student Organization is joining the Georgetown University Student Association to advocate for the creation of an online appointment scheduling system at the Student Health Center. Members from the two groups will be meeting with the Assistant… Read More

H1N1 cases at Georgetown drop after September peak

Students wait in line for the H1N1 vaccine on Friday When we reported on H1N1 cases at Georgetown in late September, the virus had infected about 250 students and the number of cases was rising precipitously every day…. Read More

Trojan gives Georgetown a 2.1 GPA on Sexual Health Report Card

Trojan just released its annual Sexual Health Report Card for colleges and universities and once again Georgetown is near the bottom of the pack.  This year we received a “GPA” of 2.13 and we’re ranked 121 out of… Read More

Swine flu infects over 250 Georgetown students

250 of these guys running around campus As of Monday, Georgetown has had around 250 cases of H1N1, or swine flu, according to an e-mail from Dr. James Welsh, Assistant Vice President for Student Health. Last Tuesday, Georgetown’s… Read More