Lauinger ditches bookshelves, opening space in front of Midnight Mug

If you’ve been to Lauinger since you’ve been back on campus, you may have noticed a small, but shocking change to the area—open spaces. The bookshelves that once stood directly across from the coffee shop are gone, replaced by extra tables and chairs. The changes, which were among the many suggestions made by the Student […]

Report on University’s use of student space released today

The Student Space Working Group (SSWG), which was once dubbed the only working group “with a snowball’s chance in hell of doing something constructive,” by Voice editor-in-chief Juliana Brint, released its report today on student space in Georgetown. The report’s title? Report on Student Space at Georgetown University. So, it might not be the snazziest […]

GUSA Round-up: GUSA passes comprehensive club funding reform, defends your right to pizza

One of the lesser-known inalienable rights FUNDING REFORM – THE BIG ONE: On Sunday afternoon, GUSA passed a resolution threatening to withhold student activity fee funding from advisory boards, like SAC, that do not achieve six new reforms. First, funding boards must reduce reserve accounts so that they do not exceed 10 percent of the board’s […]

Students discuss campus space issues with top administrators at recent summit

Because Sellinger just isn’t quite sufficient… The Student Space Working Group—an organization founded in the fall of 2008 to address the lack of study space, social areas, offices for student organizations, and a centralized student center—recently got the chance to discuss their objectives with top University administrators at a summit organized by Vice President for […]

GUSA Roundup: Special elections spectacular

Tracy Flick for GUSA Senate! SPECIAL ELECTION RESULTS: The election commission ran a successful special election that culminated in the election of the following senators: Townhouses: Matthew Ginsberg with 35 votes Harbin 6-9: Clara Gustafson with 46 votes Copley: Shaalin Parekh with 52 votes Village A E-H: Nolan Johnson with 15 votes The only apparent […]

Survey Says: The results of the Student Space survey

In this week’s issue of the Voice, Molly Redden highlighted the campaign to increase and improve student space on campus. As you may remember, last spring the Student Space working group sent out a survey to the student body to solicit opinions about campus space (and 1,137 students responded to the survey). So what did […]

Finally, a “working group” with a snowball’s chance in hell of doing something constructive

Because Georgetown shouldn’t make you feel like this. Earlier this year, the Voice‘s Kate Mays wrote about one student—Jared Pilosio’s (COL SFS ’09)—campaign to increase and improve student space on campus. Since October, the group Pilosio formed, “The Student Space Working Group” has been laying the groundwork for the movement—talking to administrators, visiting other schools […]