Comments of the Week: Commenting before it was cool

Everyone was in a tizzy this week about Georgetown being ranked the 10th-most hipster campus. Hermione helped us realize what College Magazine meant by “thrift stores”: They’re talking about Urban Outfitters, right? Patrick: Wait, “top-rated student radio station”? Whaza-whaaaa? I did 3 years at WGTB, but “top-rated” was never an adjective that came up. The […]

Vox‘s favorite study spots for final exams

With finals fast approaching and Lauinger reaching capacity every night, Vox has put together a list of some of Georgetown’s other, better places to study this finals season (not including the place we want to keep secret for ourselves). Our on-campus suggestions: Hariri Building. The hidden gem for on-campus studying. As former Vox editor Molly […]

Finals 2011: Escape from Lau edition

[Editor's Note: This post was originally published last year.] We know you’ve already started studying, which puts you miles ahead of most of us here at Vox. But here’s a couple tips for places to go if you find yourself a living like a refugee in Lauinger. Our suggestions: Hariri Building. Once the hidden gem […]

Lauinger ditches bookshelves, opening space in front of Midnight Mug

If you’ve been to Lauinger since you’ve been back on campus, you may have noticed a small, but shocking change to the area—open spaces. The bookshelves that once stood directly across from the coffee shop are gone, replaced by extra tables and chairs. The changes, which were among the many suggestions made by the Student […]

Vox‘s favorite study spots for upcoming final exams

Did finals creep up on anybody else? Suddenly, Lauinger Library is filled with students—some cramming, some writing, and some watching Hulu to avoid impending work. As in semesters past, expect Lau to be packed until that very last final on May 15. To help out, Voice staffers suggested some of their favorite (i.e. lesser-known) study spots […]

The Voice‘s favorite study spots and other academic alcoves on campus

“Studying”: Not just for Lauinger anymore! First, the bad news: Vox will be blogging on a reduced schedule during study days, finals, and winter break. We’ll do our best to run three posts a day, but finals may intervene—besides, the student body just won’t be doing as many delightful and interesting things over the next […]

Best DPS blotter entry EVER

Hostage to homework We all joke about living in Lau during finals, but apparently one student took that a little too literally.  Behold, the most amusing DPS blotter of the year, via the Hoya: Tuesday May 5 Missing Person-Found, 3600 Block of Reservoir Rd. NW, 12:57 p.m. The complainant filed a missing persons report regarding […]

The Vox guide to transforming the internet from finals foe into finals friend

The trick is making it into a useful series of tubes Usually the combination of the finals and the internet results in bad, bad things. Things like spending 36 hours on the computer and finding you have a grand total of 250 words written. But the internet isn’t all time-suck! Check out Vox’s list of […]