Court ruling keeps D.C. handgun free for 90 more days

Yesterday, a federal judge granted a 90-day stay on a ruling which overturned D.C.’s ban on handguns in public. The next 90 days will hopefully give District officials the time they need to decide whether to pursue an… Read More

Photos: Protesting the ‘Defense’ of Marriage outside the Supreme Court

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer Vox‘s intrepid photographer Miles Gavin Meng made his way to the Supreme Court yesterday morning as justices heard the oral arguments in the case United States v. Edith Windsor (2013), the case… Read More

Poll(s): How will the Affordable Care Act affect you?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, a healthcare law requiring most Americans to pay a penalty if they fail to purchase insurance, in a historic moment for President Barack Obama’s legislative efforts. The vote was… Read More

Students camp out for Snyder v. Phelps, meet crazies

On the Docket, Georgetown’s Supreme Court society, made its first trip of the semester to the high court this week. The group of ten students camped on Monday and Tuesday nights to secure seats for the oral arguments… Read More

Georgetown Law Center student is SCOTUS’ biggest fan

Mike Sacks, a third-year student at the Georgetown University Law Center, set a peculiar goal for himself at the start of this year’s Supreme Court term—to be the first one in line for a seat at every major… Read More

Georgetown Law student discovers the key to winning Supreme Court cases

Not actually that tricky It looks like a Georgetown Law student, Sarah Levien Shullman, cracked the Supreme Court code. A few of years ago, while in her second year at GU Law, Shullman posited that the number of… Read More

Supreme Court junky? Georgetown Law’s got you covered

1/3 of these guys? For one event? Not too shabby… For any budding lawyers among us, Georgetown Law Center is hosting a pretty damn impressive program next Wednesday. “Striking the Balance: Fair and Independent Courts in a New… Read More

Court packing: Potential Hoya replacements for Justice Souter

With alum Antonin Scalia (COL ’57) and Samuel Alito, whose daughter attends Georgetown, the Supreme Court already has a sizable Georgetown-block. But, with the retirement of Justice David Souter, the court could get even Georgetown-ier. Here are the… Read More

Scalia on DC gun ban: Bullet wounds will stop your buffoonery

Supreme Court strikes down Washington’s handgun ban. Sad stuff for DC, but how much gun crime did the gun ban deter, considering that Maryland and Virginia gun stores are only a Metro train away? It was probably more… Read More

The Supreme Court reads the Voice … maybe.

The Supreme Court announced today that it will consider a challenge to Washington, D.C.’s strict gun ban laws, marking the first time the Court will consider the basic meaning of the 2nd Amendment. We’re glad the court took… Read More