Syracuse and Princeton explore mixed gender housing

While Georgetown is currently tackling the issue of gender neutral bathrooms, Syracuse and Princeton are taking it a step further by beginning to offer gender-neutral housing. Both universities decided that next fall, they will allow students to room… Read More

ESPN not impressed by Georgetown—Syracuse rivalry

Last week, ESPN columnist Pat Forde wrote a round-up of the top college basketball rivalries for the 2009-10 season. So how did the legendary Georgetown—Syracuse rivalry fare? We certainly didn’t get top honors—those went to Kentucky—Louisville, followed by… Read More

Syracuse fans pelt visiting Georgetown students

At the end of the Saturday Georgetown-Syracuse basketball game, fans in the Syracuse student section threw beers cups and water bottles at the group of Georgetown students seated nearby. Syracuse’s senior associate athletic director Pat Campbell said the… Read More

Georgetown bests Syracuse in OT win

Roy Hibbert and Jonathan Wallace had 15 points each in the Hoya’s win tonight at the Verizon Center. Sophomore guard Jeremiah Rivers also deserves credit for his stellar defensive play in the second half to save the Hoyas… Read More