It’s better to have T-Pain’d and lost than to never have T-Pain’d at all

No T-Pain for you, AU Last week, the Voice‘s Sean Quigley had some harsh words for Spring Concert performer T-Pain (to refresh your memory, some of those words were: underwhelming, lackluster, repetitive, tiresome…). But at least we had… Read More

Monday Madlibs: I’m on a [noun]!

As Sean Quigley reported, T-Pain’s Saturday performance brings GPB’s Spring Concert track record to 0/3. Although T-Pain may have been underwhelming, he does present us with the perfect opportunity to create our own auto-tunetastic lip-synchable grooves. (Fair warning:… Read More

The verdict on T-Pain? At least it wasn’t Coolio

T-Painful Despite his dominance of the Top-40 singles chart, the famously auto-tuned T-Pain delivered an underwhelming performance at Saturday night’s concert in McDonough. This year’s iteration of the annual GPB Spring Concert disappointment was marked by a lackluster… Read More

Can’t believe it: GPB books T-Pain for Georgetown’s Spring Concert

I’m on a stage! I can hardly believe their success, but Facebook doesn’t lie. After weeks of giving us the run-around, the Georgetown Programming Board has finally announced that they’ve booked T-Pain to play at Georgetown’s Spring Concert… Read More