Senior Class Committee chair fires back at Georgetown Day critics

In a lengthy email to the senior class late last night, Senior Class Committee chair Chris Butterfield (MSB ’12) defended the controversial decisions of the Georgetown Day planning committee. Butterfield placed the responsibility for the scaled-back nature of the event… Read More

Students propose Leavey Esplanade for alternative Georgetown Day

Wednesday night at 10pm, “Saxa Silence Dogood” and “Cura P. Workinggroup”—ostensibly Georgetown students—created an event called “Georgetown Day Study Group on Leavey Esplanade.” Within the span of three hours, 1,000 had clicked “attending.” Although the maximum capacity of… Read More

What does Georgetown Day mean to you?

After recent emails and articles telling us what’s important about Georgetown Day, Vox decided we want to know what our readers think  makes Georgetown Day so neat.  It’s time to find out what the people really like.  So, neighbors,… Read More

Administration to barricade Copley Lawn on Georgetown Day

Friday is not Georgetown Day. On Friday, there will be free food and drinks, an awards ceremony, and performances by various student groups, but it will not be Georgetown Day. In an email to the student body that… Read More

Take Back Georgetown Day is no more

Gone the way of the dodo Despite not actually accomplishing its titular goal, Take Back Georgetown Day, the College Republicans’ annual lecture-fest, will not be returning this year. That news comes from GUCR president Erika Barger (COL ’10),… Read More