D.C. taxi drivers protest new ridesharing service legislation

On Tuesday afternoon, D.C. cab drivers sounded their horns to draw attention to the D.C. Council vote that now permits app-based services like uberX and Lyft to operate legally within the District. The two-hour protest, which took place… Read More


The great cab battle for D.C.

In the District of Columbia, a city plagued by the worst traffic in the nation, app-based cab service Uber has come under fire from city regulation. City inspectors issued thousands of dollars’ worth of fines to Uber drivers Wednesday in… Read More

D.C. taxi credit card implementation hits roadblock

D.C.’s infamous cab market, loathed for its inconsistency, is finally set for the implementation of a big improvement that was planned months ago. A new mandate requires all D.C. cabs to install credit card readers by December 1 of… Read More

Public Safety Alert: Taxi driver assaults student

At approximately midnight last night, a Georgetown student was assaulted by a taxi driver transporting the student back to campus. The driver also made inappropriate sexual comments to the student, according to a public safety alert about the… Read More

Metro fares, taxi rates likely to increase in 2012

Metro is in a poor economic state, and it seems that Washington’s commuters are about to bail it out. The transit agency currently predicts a budget deficit of $124 million for the next fiscal year, which begins July… Read More

D.C. cab fares rise due to fuel surcharge

Late for work?  Stranded in Adams Morgan?  Loaded down with groceries?  If these situations spell out C-A-B for you, you better budget an extra dollar for each fare. Starting yesterday, tax rides in the District of Columbia have… Read More

The District Digest: WMATA’s ups and downs

National Transportation Safety Board investigators are getting closer to pinpointing the cause of last week’s Metro crash.  They discovered that WMATA had replaced a crucial component of the signaling component, the “Wee-Z bond” which maintains a safe distance… Read More