Provost offers thoughts on tenure process in not-so-subtle reference to Shehata case

Getting tenure is really, really cool: You don’t have to worry about money or being fired for the rest of your life. For academics, it’s the ideal job, though only a select few can attain it. That’s why… Read More

Professor denied tenure alleges procedural irregularities, violation of academic freedom

When the University confirmed its decision to deny tenure to the hugely well-respected Arab Studies professor Samer Shehata last February, both his former students and other scholars found it hard to believe. Shehata has now hired a lawyer… Read More

Renowned and beloved Arab studies professor Samer Shehata denied tenure

Yesterday, Georgetown confirmed its decision to deny tenure to Dr. Samer Shehata, assistant professor of Arab politics at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown. This rejection comes as a tremendous surprise to Shehata, who has taught… Read More