Thanksgiving: The beginning of breakup season

Take note, couples: Your turkey might be tough to swallow this Thanksgiving. After tracking more than 10,000 Facebook relationships, British journalist and designer┬áDavid McCandless graphed users’ breakups against the calendar year. The result? Breakups peak in the spring… Read More

Ye olde Thanksgiving at Georgetown University

Get the flash player here: Thanksgiving dinners and football may be proud American traditions, but nowadays, they don’t figure very heavily into life at Georgetown. That wasn’t always the case. Students used to celebrate Thanksgiving Day all… Read More

A guide to Thanksgiving dinners in Georgetown

Those of you who don’t live on the East Coast may be staying at Georgetown for Thanksgiving—but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a Chicken Madness while everyone else enjoys stuffing and pumpkin pie. Voice Leisure… Read More

The Voice breaks to pass the gravy

Vox is taking off for Thanksgiving. We’d like to give thanks for a few of this semester’s blessings: Professors who cancelled Wednesday classes in September, not November Professors who have taken advantage of the information super highway for… Read More

Thing to be Thankful For at Georgetown #102: Unsolicited Props

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s once again time for those perky “101 Things to Be Thankful For at Georgetown” fliers on the back of bathroom stall doors around campus. This year, the Voice made the list at #13, placing… Read More