The Boob Tube: Fond Farewell Edition

Snooki’s one woman show on the Boardwalk Jersey Shore “That’s How the Shore Goes” For the past several days I have been walking around with a Snooki-sized hole in my heart. The end of the Jersey Shore, after… Read More

The Boob Tube: One Shot Edition

We were just as shocked as The Situation after this week’s Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore “What Happens in the AC” & “One Shot” I don’t know what we did to deserve it, but this week America was treated… Read More

The Boob Tube: Straight Creepin’ Edition

Poor Mike. It’s always a shame when your potential hookups get arrested. The Jersey Shore “Boardwalk Blowups“ In another barren week on the television calendar, Jersey Shore was the shining light once again. After my daily routine of… Read More

The Boob Tube: Ultimate Guido Edition

Jersey Shore “Just Another Day at the Shore“ After an interminably long week off, apparently to celebrate the birth of some non-Italian mook, Jersey Shore returned with a new episode on New Year’s Eve. My friends and I… Read More

The Boob Tube: Don’t Cross Us Edition

Better Off Ted “The Lawyer, The Lemur, and the Little Listener“ As we slip into the cold barren period known as “Winter Hiatus,” new shows become more and more infrequent. So every time a show has a new… Read More

The Boob Tube: Yakov’s Nubian Bling Explosion Edition

30 Rock “Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001“ 30 Rock has been rather lackluster all season, and after the first several episodes people began to whisper that the show was past its prime. This week’s episode is the best refutation… Read More

Boob Tube: The Extension Cord Works Fine Edition

Modern Family “Fizbo” I think that it’s very easy to complain about the overuse of in media res openings in television shows. It has been overused as a cheap way to build suspense and add drama to a… Read More

The Boob Tube: Mildly Attractive and Extremely Grating Edition

Glee “Ballad” Between this week’s episode and the spectacular “Wheels,” it appears that Glee has finally figured out what type of show it wants to be. “Ballad” is notable for a couple of great moments that helped this… Read More

The Boob Tube: Snorting Vicodin Edition

Nurse Jackie “Health Care and Cinema” On the first season finale, Jackie’s life begins to spin even further out of control and Dr. O’Hara’s mother is brought to the emergency room. WARNING: After the jump, THERE BE SPOILERS.

The Boob Tube: London Fog Edition

The men and women of Sterling Cooper. Mad Men “Out of Town”: The British invasion of the Sterling Cooper agency heats up in the Spring of 1963 as Mad Men enters its third season. WARNING: After the jump,… Read More