Should students care when a professor breastfeeds in class?

A mother and professor at American University, Adrienne Pine, never thought feeding her baby would make the headlines. “It wasn’t until some of my undergraduate students saw me feed my baby through my breast that my workplace became… Read More

Financial difficulties force American U’s Eagle to go weekly

In a letter to readers, Eagle Editor in Chief Charlie Szold announced that the American University student paper will switch to a weekly, tabloid format this semester. Previously, the Eagle published a twice weekly broadsheet-style paper. Because it… Read More

AU students vandalize Eagle, demand firing of “rape apologist” student columnist

Earlier this week, students at American University vandalized copies of The Eagle, its main student newspaper, over a column by student Alex Knepper in which he calls date rape “an incoherent concept.” Anonymous students littered hallways with Eagle… Read More

The Sexist ranks the The Hoya‘s sex column D.C.’s least progressive

WWCD: What Would Carrie Do? When I wrote about Georgetown’s sex and relationships columns in the paper a few weeks ago, I wasn’t too impressed by The Hoya‘s current sex scribe, Colleen Leahey (COL ’11).  Apparently I’m in… Read More

AU’s student ANC seat vacant, but there’s plenty of mustard gas!

These watchdogs of democracy are busy reporting important national news American University’s The Eagle doesn’t have a reputation for being umm… any good at all. Wrote City Paper back in August: One [AU] writing professor joked that his… Read More