Georgetowner shows you how to stalk famous old people

Ever wonder where Nancy Pelosi lives when she’s in D.C.? How about Politico owner Robert Allbritton? Neither did we. Earlier this month, the Georgetowner magazine released it’s annual “Who lives here?” guide to Georgetown’s most notable residents. The… Read More

Georgetowner editor gets in on the neighborhood blogging game

For a long time, the Georgetown neighborhood blogging scene has been confined to us and Georgetown Metropolitan, but it looks like we’ve got new company: The Georgetowner‘s Editor at Large Dave Roffman has recently begun blogging at Georgetown… Read More

Howdy, neighbor: The Georgetowner‘s local VIP cheat sheet

Click image to enlarge, or download the PDF There are elegant townhouses aplenty in Georgetown, but have you ever wondered who exactly our influential neighbors residing in the multimillion dollar abodes are? Lucky for you, this week’s issue… Read More

Monday Madlibs: The Georgetowner‘s hard-hitting Blonde Charity Mafia exposé

Editor’s Note: Monday Madlibs will now be running once every other week. The premiere of Blonde Charity Mafia, the Georgetown-centric reality show about the Late Night Shots crew, may have been pushed back to the fall, but that… Read More