Remix Your Weekend Special: An interview with The Hood Internet

Mash-up culture has come a long way since the 2006 CMJ Festival, when Girl Talk first took the stage in front of a group of confused journalists, radio DJs, and Music Directors. Since that dreary October, Mash-up, which… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: FLVR BNK, Ke$ha, + Others

Another week, and some more music. A face-melting mix from FLVR BNK as well as another Ke$ha remix (I know, I know, I post so much of her music—but what can I say, I’m in love). But don’t… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Crookers

It’s cold. I mean freezing. Like, so cold I’m just going to stay inside lest my eyebrows freeze off in the arctic tundra that our campus has become. I wish I had a plethora of amazing mash-ups to… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Hot Chip, Kevin Rudolf, Hood ‘Net + EMI Sucks

One of my many New Year’s Resolutions was to find you great new music, and I feel like this week I’ve gotten closer to my goal. Though I still haven’t found a song I could cry over in… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Smooth-E + The Hood Internet

It seems as though I got out of the District just in time, as about a foot of snow is pummeling those of you still packing into Lau. I’d be lying if part of me wasn’t jealous of… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Ke$ha Remix and New Hood Internet

This week is a week of looking back, a week of reflection, if you will, as both the featured songs actually in one way or another link back to previous posts of mine. So, let us go together… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: The Hood Internet

For a kid who admittedly loves the bigotry of crunk rap almost as much as the tender melodies of indie-pop, the mash-ups of The Hood Internet, for the most part, provide the perfect amount of genre-bending. The three… Read More