Confused by the Media Board’s Hoya Independence decision? Check out these memos!

In case our coverage of the Hoya‘s delayed independence (not to mention their news story, editorial and letter from the editor) left you confused about the Media Board’s logic, Vox has some of the memos that show the Media Board’s reasoning behind their sanctions. First, we have the memo Director of Student Programs Erika Cohen-Derr […]

BREAKING: Hoya independence delayed due to April Fools’ Issue

Although earlier this year it was looking like the Hoya was set to realize its long-standing goal of independence from the University, one of the sanctions imposed on them over their controversial April Fools’ Issue is a one year delay of their emancipation. According to emails obtained by the Voice, in mid-April the Office of […]

Prefrosh Preview: News you can use

This week Vox figured we’d give you some sense of institutional history by presenting a primer of the ten most widely-discussed campus news stories from the past couple years. 10. GUSA election debacles GUSA Candidates, pre-squabbling Georgetown’s student government, GUSA, doesn’t have a great record as far as presidential elections are concerned. In 2008, they […]

What’s up with the Hoya‘s website? in happier times… For the past couple weeks we’ve been wondering what’s going on with the Hoya‘s website. has been displaying a variety of things—a standard issue “down for maintenance” message, ads for a web-hosting service and, briefly, their tech guy Ryan J. Zambon’s personal homepage—but not the actual Hoya website. Their website […]

Twuesday Tweetacular: Poor hospitality for Paul Rudd

Want a shot at your own 15 seconds of internet micro-micro-fame? Start following us on Twitter (GtownVoxPop) and, if you’re connected to Georgetown, we’ll return the favor and you’ll automatically be in the running! Scott Chessare witnessed a major intern gaffe involving the very dreamy Paul Rudd. Nick Bunker was glad to get back to […]

On the Record with Julia Allison, certified internet celebrity and the original Hoya sex columnist

Julia Allison in Tombs It’s a bit of a challenge to describe dating columnist and alumna Julia Allison (COL `04) to anyone who isn’t already familiar with her micro-celebrity—perhaps because no two followers’ characterization of her are alike.  While Wired finds that her successful cultivation of herself and byline as an internet franchise makes her […]

2009 Bunn Award winners

This afternoon, your favorite student journalists got dressed up for the Bunn Awards, the annual ceremony in which the University picks the best articles published in campus newspapers over the past year. I’m pleased to report that the Voice bounced back from a humiliating softball defeat yesterday with a very solid Bunn performance, picking up […]

DeGioia Community Meeting Liveblog

DeGioia Community Meeting

DeGioia speaks about vandalism and Hoya April Fools’ issue

Hidden among the nine (and counting) University emails that assailed undergraudates’ inboxes this evening was a message from President Degioia expressing his regret over the recent acts of vandalism around campus and The Hoya‘s divisive April Fools’ issue. Just like we said! Writing, “I would like to be clear in stating that it is unacceptable […]

A recap of last night’s Hoya forum

Read Vox‘s liveblog coverage of the event here. Last night, over 200 students squeezed into WGR 201-A to hear six Hoya board members discuss their April Fools’ issue (AFI, from now on), to question the six, and to discuss solutions to what many felt were problems in the community and The Hoya‘s editorial structure that […]

Liveblog of The Hoya‘s forum on its April Fools’ issue

The Hoya April Fools’ issue forum