Where to find The Hoya‘s April Fools’ issue online

What’s black and white and read all over? Read Vox‘s coverage of the Tuesday night forum here. Many of you have been asking where to find this year’s Hoya April Fools’ issue online. Finally, you can. For starters, The Hoya posted it as a PDF last night, (which to my knowledge they have never done […]

BREAKING: President DeGioia to address student body about Hoya‘s April Fools’ issue

Georgetown’s Great White Whale This past Saturday at 9:00 a.m., University President John DeGioia met with seventeen students to discuss The Hoya‘s April Fools’ Day issue, which since its publication has been the target of much criticism, the subject of a large and emotional town hall, and the cause of a 40-student sit-in at The […]

Upcoming forum about The Hoya April Fools’ Day issue

Read Vox‘s coverage of the Tuesday night forum here. Correction: Tonight’s meeting in Reiss is still geared toward a discussion of recent acts of vandalism on campus. The students planning it merely expect for The Hoya’s April Fools’ Day issue to come up in conversation. Tomorrow, The Hoya will host a forum in WGR 201-A […]

The Hoya controversy draws whispers of disciplinary actions, GUSA ire

Hoya staffers after Thursday’s sit in The Hoya‘s now-infamous April Fools’ Day issue caused a lot of angry vocalization last week, and even prompted a sit-in of over 40 students in The Hoya‘s office following an emotional and indignant town hall which at least 100 students plus a Jesuit and several faculty attended. (Asked if […]

GUSA’s Tyler Stone calls it quits, and it’s all the newspapers’ faults

This afternoon, GUSA’s Tyler Stone (COL `09) emailed the GUSA Senate to announce that he was resigning as Senator. (Full disclosure: Stone was at one time a Voice staff member). “At this point in my Georgetown career, and with graduation hovering a month away, I have little stomach left for political posturing,” he wrote. He […]

Georgetown groups protest Hoya’s April Fool’s issue

About 40 students sat-in at The Hoya‘s office late Thursday night Editor’s note: Okay, so we’ve covered The Hoya an awful lot lately, and you may be getting sick of it. However, we think would’ve been remiss not to cover these events. Slideshow: Students conduct a sit-in protest in the office of “The Hoya” Last […]

Happy April Fool’s Day, Hoya!

The Hoya has its “proud” tradition of turning out a lame April Fool’s Day issue every year (this year’s best misguided attempts at humor were a charming fake interview with the “Georgetown Cuddler”—you do realize he doesn’t just cuddle, right?—and some good-old-fashioned stereotyping, re: the Japanese foreign exchange student named “Takataka Warazaka”). The Voice has […]

Hoya doesn’t deign to run sex column about oral sex

The Hoya just didn’t think you could handle it In the scant three sex columns she’s written for The Guide, Stephanie Hannah (MSB ’11) has always drawn from a your standard catalogue of sex-and-dating column topics for material—losing your virginity, morning after scenarios, and Valentine’s Day. Given her past “A Compromising Position” columns, Hannah was […]

One of these things is exactly like the other: Hoya misprint in Friday edition

Congratulations, Hoya, it’s a beautiful pair of IRC editorials! PDFs can be tricky, The Hoya found out today (or maybe it was the printer’s fault). In its print edition, page 2 appears exactly as it did in its Tuesday edition—date, page numbers and all. Sadly, the reprinting of this page in particular, which contains its […]

The Hoya may see its Independence day before next year

The Hoya’s Independence movement has been in the works for almost five years now. In that time, that lovable bi-weekly rag has been doted on by corporate sponsors and potentially denied use of its own name by the University. However, it seems like their efforts for Hoyapendence may be nearing fruition. In last Wednesday’s GUSA […]

Fox, Hoya play at speculation with Georgetown sex offenses

When a sex offender struck in mid-December, it wasn’t just my imagining that MPD suspected him to be who some students have taken to calling the Georgetown Cuddler. Lt. Michelle Milam, the guardian of Police Service Area 206, confirmed in a listserv email that those were MPD’s very suspicions. The Hoya and Fox News, however, […]