12 answers to class of ’12 questions

Hey, class of 2012. If you’re hungry for any information you can get about Georgetown, this is your blog. Vox Populi is the next evolutionary stage of Georgetown’s weekly paper, the Voice. We’ll be having a big freshman… Read More

Hoyas remember Tim Russert in Facebook, Gchat statuses

In 2006, Tim Russert talked with the New York Times magazine about regularly attending Saturday afternoon masses at the Georgetown Hospital’s chapel. After his death last Friday, this time Georgetown’s talking about Russert. In the hours and days… Read More

Decision time at The Hoya blog: puns or butter?

Vox Populi’s kissing-cousins at The Hoya‘s blog The Saxa recently made a bold move to divide their blog between regular news (Leavey421, in subtle homage to The Hatchet) and sports news (TheHoyaParanoia). But the Saxa’s editors have something… Read More

More on the Hoya

Former Hoya Editor-in-Chief Nick Timiraos (CAS ’06), now a professional journalist, e-mails a comment on my take on the Hoya’s attempts to go independent: The Hoya’s one-time deficit (I think it was in 2001, but you’d have to… Read More

A note on Hoya independence

Our friendly rivals at the Hoya seem interested in again renewing the fight for independence from the University, as this GWU Hatchet story reports. While the University’s decision to file for a trademark on the Hoya‘s name is… Read More

Follow the leader

Is The Hoya‘s editorial board even trying anymore? In yesterday’s top editorial spot, they called for the University to improve technological services, with one of their two main arguments being that we need wireless all over campus. Sound… Read More