Everybody else gets a summer break, why not Vox?

I know that we at Vox pulled a fast one on you devoted readers just last week when Vanya announced that Georgetown’s blog of record was going to be under new (but sort of old) management for the next two weeks. Well, as much as I’ve enjoyed being back here, I’m afraid that once again, […]

UIS apologizes for today’s four-hour Georgetown Internet hiccup

Earlier today, Georgetown students noticed that attempts to access many of the University’s websites, including such necessities as Blackboard and Hoyamail, were met with an error screen. According to an email sent by Beth Ann Bergsmark, the Senior Director of Academic and Information Technology Services, earlier this evening, the glitch was caused by “an unexpected […]

Someone on Yahoo Answers gives Georgetown some great publicity

About a week ago, some high school sophomore and Hoya hopeful took to Yahoo! answers to ask the Internet about his/her chances of getting into Georgetown. The kid asked for high school GPAs and SAT scores, and one of his two respondents gave him a legitimate, thought-out answer. But this commenter doesn’t even go to […]

Have no fear, ladies of the Hilltop, Her Campus is here!

For all you Georgetown gals who previously had no way of knowing the top ten items you need in your fall wardrobe (if you don’t only wear J. Crew, that is), or where to go on a small venture outside of Georgetown this semester, your days of worrying are over–Her Campus has come to the […]

DC’s Internet speed ranks low nationwide

While Georgetown University waits for its campus-wide wireless network, the rest of the District faces its own battles of the Internet. A yearly report by the Communications Workers of America on the Internet speeds of the fifty states (as well as DC, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) ranks the District as having the […]

Georgetown freshman Joey Pearson sings, vlogs

Georgetown has had its share of campus celebrities over the last few years: Charlie Cooper, that kid who shot the toilet, the governator’s daughter, the iPod vigilante, and a host of bloggers, just to mention a few. Joey Pearson (SFS ’14) seems to be the latest edition to our G-list celebs. Pearson’s YouTube account, the […]

#followfriday, Georgetown edition

Although our Prefrosh Preview series is over, we still have one more thing to share with Georgetown’s newest students—Twitter. While plenty of stories end up on Vox, we cover even more through our Twitter account. So, follow us. You might even end up on Twuesday Tweetacular. To help the social-media inclined get adjusted to Georgetown […]

EXCELLENT NEWS: Georgetown to offer wireless access in all dorms

Remember when we declared that “Georgetown is still not even close to being a totally-wireless campus?” Boy, were we wrong. Over the next academic year, University Information Services (UIS) will overhaul the network infrastructure of Alumni Square, Copley Hall, Darnall Hall, Harbin Hall, Henle Village, LXR, Nevils, Village A, and Village C. That’s right—when UIS […]

Lauinger Library, anonymous sex mecca?

Lau, you filthy, filthy library, you! Over at one of City Paper‘s blogs, the Sexist, Amanda Hess has been doing a series on glory holes and public sex in D.C. in honor of “Glory Hole Month.” Today, she set her sights on the offerings of local colleges. She used postings from Gay Universe, a now-deserted […]