Reddit co-founder discusses the cybersphere’s opposition to SOPA

Anyone who frequents the Internet on a regular basis clearly remembers the SOPA and PIPA bills that caused web frenzy two months ago. The protest of these bills included the blackout of sites that we college students use… Read More

TEDxGeorgetown recap: Why we need moar internets

Despite its clever moniker (Netcetera: the Internet and everything else) TEDxGeorgetown was not about the Internet. It wasn’t even about coping with a chronic illness, Facebook diplomacy, or cat weddings—though these topics hit a little closer to the… Read More

DC’s Internet speed ranks low nationwide

While Georgetown University waits for its campus-wide wireless network, the rest of the District faces its own battles of the Internet. A yearly report by the Communications Workers of America on the Internet speeds of the fifty states… Read More

MSB finally gets Gmail—and it’s way nicer than everyone else’s

A year after the other schools jumped on the Gmail bandwagon, the McDonough School of Business is making the switch to Google-provided email. And, in the long tradition of MSBers getting way nicer stuff than everyone else, their… Read More