Closing the Pub: Georgetown’s all-time worst idea

Georgetown has spoken. (Er … voted.) Closing Georgetown’s once-upon-a-time, on-campus bar, the Pub, was the worst idea the University has had. Ever! “Revising the alcohol policy” and “selling WGTB’s radio license” finished in second and third place, respectively. Let’s recap the University’s terrible, awful, despicable decision to close the Pub: Healy Hall was once the […]

The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Wild card, bitches!

As always, Vox readers came through with some fantastic submissions. (And we learned that you’re a terribly cynical bunch!) You’ll find our favorites below, with a little bit of background info added to help you along. Closing the Pub Its hushed halls now home to the president’s bureaucracy and a handful of exclusive administrator offices, […]