Tombs patron reports being stabbed to DPS, was just high instead

Tuesday morning, DPS emailed the Georgetown University community with a public safety alert, explaining how, at approximately 10:52 the night before, a student standing in front of the Tombs was stabbed twice and taken to the Georgetown Hospital. The victim told DPS that a tall, blond, white man stabbed him twice before running off into […]

Bradley Cooper spotted at Tombs with a new lady on his arm

Bradley Cooper, Georgetown player? Last night, Georgetown’s favorite alum-hearthrob Bradley Cooper was seen visiting the Tombs with a previously unseen woman. As Carol Joynt reported earlier today, the woman could possibly be Cooper’s newest girlfriend: Cooper seems to have a new girlfriend almost quarterly. Previously he was linked to Zoe Saldana, while of late he’s […]

Internet best-of lists agree: Tombs is a good college bar

While Georgetown students know the Tombs goes hand in hand with the true “Georgetown Experience,” it seems that various travel and leisure guides are finally recognizing the magnificence of Georgetown’s quintessential college bar. Actually, Yahoo! Travel+Leisure recently ranked the Tombs one of America’s best college bars. The article highlights the plaque with the names of the […]

The Tombs is serving you secondhand meat, WCP reports

In middle school, we all learned about the Native American custom of not wasting a single part of a slain animal. Apparently, 1789′s relatively new executive chef Anthony Lombardo subscribes to that same idea, and is sticking parts of the animal not classy enough for 1789 into your Tombs menu. According to an article posted yesterday […]

What Sucks: Forgotten, but back with a vengeance

So we forget to write about Tombs trivia names last week. We were there — promise! — but in the midst of hand-wringing about what’s offensive, what’s not, and a sudden need to try on habits, it slipped our mind. To make up for it, here’s a photo of a potbellied pig. First place (the […]

What sucks: These are the jokes, people?

Vox returned to Tombs trivia for a third time this week to see if Hoyas were still yukking it up with cheap jokes about horrible things that happen to other Hoyas. We were not disappointed … which is to say we were deeply disappointed. Who “won” this round? First place (The “whiny little bloggers” memorial […]

What sucks: Trivia returns to Tombs, so lets debate some comedy

The Tombs may have taken a break  from tired rape and abortion jokes to watch an awful basketball game last week, but came back strong during yesterday’s trivia night. Some of the team names veered into the world of lazy shock humor. Others were funny. The suggestion that the two aren’t the same will inevitably […]

What sucks: Tombs trivia’s most offensive team names

Or, “The most shameful Tombs trivia team names that the Georgetown community should be ashamed of but probably isn’t.” But that wouldn’t fit in the title. Either way, today we present to you Vox‘s newest feature, designed to celebrate the lowest common denominator of Hoya humor as exemplified by the most stellar team names juniors […]

The Tombs is one of America’s best college bars

Or, at least Complex thinks so. Described as an ordinary college bar “with a far better menu,” the Tombs just barely slid into the magazine’s “50 Best College Bars in America” rankings. Why only 50th best? Probably because Complex thinks that everyone in the bar “seems to wear flip flops and collared shirts.”

Epicurean, Leo’s, The Tombs, and Bangkok Bistro were high-risk violators of D.C. health code in 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Vox got the Freedom of Information Act itch and decided to FOIA the Food Establishment Inspection Reports of some local restaurants. We obtained the two most recent health inspection reports from the D.C. Health Regulations and Licensing Administration for 13 area food establishments and perused them over Spring break to […]

Shot through the heart: Tombs cancels 80s Night

Oh, Tombs, you give love a bad name… The rumors are true—Tombs will indeed be discontinuing their Wednesday 80s Night. According to the Tombs’ Executive Manager Ken Siegrist, attendance at 80s Night was lower than it had been in past years and, with a crop of freshman who can’t claim to be made in the […]