Shot through the heart: Tombs cancels 80s Night

Oh, Tombs, you give love a bad name… The rumors are true—Tombs will indeed be discontinuing their Wednesday 80s Night. According to the Tombs’ Executive Manager Ken Siegrist, attendance at 80s Night was lower than it had been… Read More

Tombs Summer League play belongs in a crypt

I enjoyed some more Kenner Summer League action today, this time taking in the Tombs, the other Hoya team. A 3:30 match against Hoop Magic seemed to offer the best chance to compare Georgetown’s incoming talent, as I… Read More


(An Occasional Ruben Review) The Tombs 1226 36th St., NW The Tombs Ruben, appearing at first glance to be a promising subject, rather disappoints. While the bread is initially buttery and crisp, the bottom slice soon becomes a… Read More