Get your cholesterol on: D.C. Meat Week 2014


Savory barbecue ribs, smoked sausage, tantalizing brisket, chicken dripping with juice—I’m not talking about Mr. Creosote’s wet dream. The 5th Annual Washington D.C. Meat Week kicked off last night as carnivores from the Greater Washington area gorged on ribs and guzzled PBR at Urban Bar-B-Que Company in Rockville, Maryland. What began in 2005 as an eight […]

Asbestos in Darnall: Now it’s a slightly worse dorm

First Kober Cogan and now Darnall? Gosh, everybody disappears for the summer and Georgetown suddenly starts to fall to pieces. Signs posted inside Darnall Hall reveal that the University recently began an “asbestos abatement project.” The project, which involves removing both floor tiles and mastic putty, is slated to run through the end of the […]