Twuesday Tweetacular: A whole lotta House of Cards and a dash of sarcasm


Google search query: “how to gently tell a friend you don’t give a shit about house of cards” — emily (@_shusui) February 25, 2014 Emily, one simply does not tell a friend she doesn’t “give a shit” about House of Cards–Frank Underwood would not approve. I don’t want to write my paper for school. Who […]

Twuesday Tweetacular: Rock bottom edition

Kirill, don’t be jealous of our Jedi mind tricks. That leads to hate…then suffering…then yeah. We’ve been there, Kendall. Try to see how sexy rice cakes are when they don’t look like brains.  

Flirting website makes F2F interaction even less necessary

Ever wish you could flirt without doing that whole “talking” thing? You might want to try Like a Little. The site, which launched last month, calls itself a “flirting-facilitator platform.” Each flirt includes a location, description, and anonymous message for a person’s crush. “The site’s purpose is to allow you to compliment and chat about […]