Sprinkles cupcake ATM coming to Georgetown fall 2014


Sprinkles Cupcakes will soon have an ATM that dispenses something far sweeter—and more gastronomically satisfying—than money: cupcakes. (Vox wants to assure you that no, this is not some cruel April Fool’s joke; this is, in fact, a dream come true.) This L.A. based company, which opened its Georgetown location in 2011, has recently confirmed that […]

D.C. Metro proposes an overall three percent increase in fares for 2014

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the District metro transit officials have drafted legislation that will increase overall rail fares by three percent. In terms of price per ride, this means that the cost of an average Metro trip will jump to $3.00, up ten cents from the cost of a typical ride today. […]

New legislation for free online college textbooks to lessen financial burden

On November 14th, a new legislative proposal was introduced in Congress that, if implemented, will have the cheap, the broke, and the financially burdened college students singing it praises. This bill, sponsored by Senators Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Al Franken (D-Minn.), is the Affordable College Textbook Act. The overarching goal of this legislation is to […]

Forbes to Georgetown: You’re fired

Update: As commenter Toby so astutely pointed out, the Forbes ranking lumps all colleges together, while U.S. News lists us under the “national university” category. If you look at our Forbes ranking as a “research universities,” we’re #19. No so bad… Yesterday, Forbes magazine released its list of “America’s Top Colleges.” Georgetown, which ranks #21 […]

Prefrosh Preview: A guide to buying textbooks

Textbooks will do serious violence to your budget if you don’t plan ahead. Follow these easy tips and you’ll save yourself from the most easily-preventable first-year expense. Don’t buy from the bookstore… ever The only thing the University bookstore offers is the dual indignity of high prices and long lines during fall move-in. The only […]

D.C. has highest student debt in the country

The Project on Student Debt recently published its figures for the Class of 2009—and it ain’t pretty. American student debt is frighteningly high; according to the study, which was published by the Institute for College Access and Success, the national average debt for a graduating senior in 2009 was $24,000. Among all states, D.C. claims […]

Georgetown is still an expensive college, says Campus Grotto

The good news: Georgetown dropped in Campus Grotto‘s annual ranking of the nation’s most expensive colleges. The bad news: Georgetown is still in the top 15. According to the rankings, Georgetown is the 15th-most expensive college in America. The annual tuition cost, $39,768, was ranked the 52nd-most expensive. Campus Grotto complied the rankings through the […]

Georgetown is ninth most expensive college in the country

With an annual cost of $53,340, Georgetown is the ninth most expensive school in the country, according to Forbes. The rankings, which were compiled using data provided by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Campus Grotto, almost exclusively features small, private colleges in the Northeast. Although Forbes did not account for financial aid, the rankings […]

Prefrosh Preview: A guide to buying your textbooks

Textbooks are perhaps the biggest first-year expense that students can control. Yet at the beginning of every year, a Disneyland-sized queue of freshmen—and upperclassmen—inevitably winds around the upper floor of the bookstore. After handing over shrink-wrapped copies of Accounting and Econ textbooks, students can find themselves paying well over $1000 dollars for books. When the […]